Sunday, November 11, 2012

Post Table of Themes

If you're wondering why some posts are labeled with one number and one with another, here is a list of initial intentions for the different numbers.

1 - ARBITRARY BEGINNING - this is a modification of a thread comment that I made the day before NaNoWriMo started and I started posting to this blog.  The blog was meant to be a collection of arbitrary thoughts and doing that seemed arbitrary enough.  I figured I'd learn what I wanted to write about if it started being repeated from different beginnings.

2 - SELF REVELATION - I should be using this more often.  Frankly, I forgot it was there.  I may link later posts back to overtheme 2.

3 - RANDOM MEMORIES - I should be using this one more often, too.  This is why lists are so important, not to mention going back over past things.  This will be a place for past things.  I believe I will treasure 3-post.

4 - THINGS OTHER PEOPLE USED TO SAY ALL THE TIME - Otherwise known as I hear dead people.

5 - I'm embarrassed to say that this seems to be a comment on post or  I'm obviously going to have to renumber the posts.  Oddly, 5 is the earliest category to have sub-posts.  

6 - FAMILY - Not the family that I gave birth to, but my parents and other older relatives and things I've learned or decided about them.  Or things I'm still puzzling over.  Category 6 was the first category to have sub-posts.

***Category 5 wasn't the earliest category to get sub-posts, 2 was!  Yay, 2!***

7 - COMMENTS ON OTHER PEOPLE/THINGS - This started with a comment on a published writer.

8 - CURRENT EVENTS - comments on what's happening while or just before I write.  For given values of 'just before'.'

Actually, most of the themes are arbitrary and may really refer to what I started writing about on any particular day, and whether I started from an unrelated beginning or continued with something related to something I remembered from before.  

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