Thursday, November 15, 2012

Post Generational Pudding

My kids were raised on instant pudding.  It was a source of guilt for me, although I'm pretty sure they never knew that.  To me, instant pudding was an inferior pudding and using it was a sign that you hadn't thought of making pudding soon enough to do it right or, in my case, not being able to keep track of the kids and the pudding, so that the pudding would scorch on the bottom of the pan.

I was surprised to find that when the kids were old enough to be trusted while I cooked, and I could take the time to make proper pudding, that hey preferred the instant.  I guess they were just used to it.  They were creeped out by the skin on the cooked pudding.
Go figure.  

I didn't try to accustom them to proper pudding.  Instant was easier and faster.  And it wasn't long before they could make the instant pudding themselves.  It would have been longer before they could make the cooked kind.  

There hadn't been much guilt over the pudding, but all of it had been wasted.  Lesson learned.

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