Friday, November 16, 2012


Odd things happen in dreams.  When people talk in their sleep, they can share the oddness.  When my oldest son, K, was in the fifth or sixth grade, he had an argument in his dream.

There wasn’t any way for me to tell who he was arguing with.  I was up late doing homework in the living room and he was down the hall with his bedroom door open.  The sound came without words, like the voices of adults in a Peanuts special.  It was only by the intonation that I could tell he was arguing.  The ending was surprising and cracked me up.

The argument went:

Mrrrwaaah  waa rmmwaa

Waa waa mraah maaah

MRRRAAAMMM mwaaa aaaaa


Oh all right!

It’s still amusing when I think of it although it’s a little sad.  I really don’t want anyone that I care about to be losing arguments in their dreams. 

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