Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Post A Little Personal Whimsey

(You're looking for the little sign that says "This Workplace Proudly Velociraptor Free Since 2003".)

OK.  I stole the idea from someone else on the internet. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Post Getting Back to it Slowly & I Come in Peas

It's been two months since I did a real post.  I think I needed the break. 

Since the last little post was about fabric, here's another link to a fabric design.  If you don't want to open another window, it's a repeating pattern of this:

It's for a Halloween costume.  I'm going to make a dress and loose-fitting jacket with it.  There may be a pair of tasteful antennae.  I'll be a visiting space alien.  When asked about the dress, I'll say "I come in peas."

[7/5/2014]  I'm updating and making the odd correction, here and there.  I thought I'd add that the fabric pattern above did not make the final cut for the costume.  Nor did the costume get made in 2013.

But fear not!  I have persevered and developed another pattern that is more densely pea-ridden and much more garish.  It's here.   I have purchased enough of it to make the costume.  I have a pattern for sewing it up.  And I have made pea and pea pod beads to make a necklace with, for wearing with the costume.  

The pattern was cleaned up a bit and then mosaicked, before it was fabricked.

Yes, the first design looks better as a single block.  But if you try to print it as fabric, it's either so small that no one can tell that it's peas from any kind of distance, or it's large enough that it's mostly empty space.  Also when if you cut the larger version into pieces that will be sewn together, the pattern does not line up at all on the final garment.  Pattern 2 is all peas, everywhere.  It may be necessary to do some aligning before cutting, but there's no danger of losing the idea that these are PEAS.  

I still need to string the beads, sew the dress and jacket, and buy a suitable hat and, possibly, a pair of tasteful antennae.  But I'm not past deadline, yet.  Yes, I thought of the concept three years ago, but I'm not going to count the time spent just thinking about it once in awhile and collecting pea photos from time to time.  Morally, I've only missed the deadline once.  And I got pretty close.  

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Post Drafting fabric

This is a first attempt at designing fabric to make a scarf for someone. 

It's brown, salmon, and pink

That's probably showing the heart at twice the size that it is on the fabric, depending on your screen size.  After being entered into the Spoonflower.com engine, the block gets repeated in a pattern that you choose.  So the fabric is brown with little salmon/pink hearts sprinkled about.  

Updating later:  Here's me flirting with trademark infringement.  I sooth myself with the thought that I've only made 50 cents from posting it, and that's probably all I'm ever going to get.  

Are you old enough to remember this one?