Thursday, November 1, 2012


One of my memories is of sitting in the back seat of a car and saying "OK, where is it we're going?". The car is probably The Buick. By The Buick I mean our 64 Buick Le Sabre station wagon, which was purchased new and not sold until we had all grown up and moved away and Dad had retired and my parents had moved twice without it being a car that they actually drove any more.

Possibly, it wasn't sold until years after Dad had died.  I can't say I remember exactly.  I wasn't living with them (her?) when they (she?) did it.  and they (she?) didn't tell me when it happened.  I found out later when I visited or when I talked to one of my sisters after they visited.  In my family we often learn things retroactively.

The Buick did not have a body by Fisher, as was normal for GM cars.  It was so large its body had to be made by Ionia, which was the GM coachworks fabricator.  This is why it was saved.  It was supposed to become a classic.  Or an exemplar.  Or something.

I'm sure that Dad had compulsively analyzed every car available that year . . . Possibly over multiple years.  So it was the perfect, or at least the optimal, car to buy.  Just like my name was the optimal name for a daughter.

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