Thursday, November 8, 2012


When I say I remember where on the internet I found the comment and link, I mean I remember which message board I was on. I do not remember the woman writer's name or the name or the book, or the title of the thread. If I remembered any of those things, I could google my way to the rest of it. But I don't.

I did not comment in the thread (I've searched for threads I've commented in recently) and I didn't put the book in my amazon wish list (checked that, too).

If I could think of a keyword for the thread, I could search using that. Maybe it will come to me later. I can always hope for that.

Mind like a steel sieve. You never know what will stick and what will pass through. I don't know what I have until I go scrounging through the grubby bits, hoping my fingers don't impale themselves on anything sharp and hidden.

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