Monday, November 12, 2012


There is a time before internalizing the difference between left and right, between vertical and horizontal, when you know that one is this way and the other is the opposite, but you need some clue, some anchor to hang a memory on one of them, so that both can be known.

I don't remember learning the difference between left and right, so I don't know what my anchor for that difference was. But I remember the halfway point in learning vertical and horizontal. When I was unsure which was which, I would hear the voice of a marionette saying, "Full boost, vertical!" and all would be solved. Even now, if I start to second guess myself, I hear the voice. 

I don't remember the name of the television show, off hand. It was probably something like Supercar. Yes. Wikipedia confirms that there was a TV series called Supercar and the images match. Produced in '61 & '62, wiki says it used supermarionation. I'll follow the link after reading the article. Nostalgia time. Hold on for a sec.

The supercar in Supercar could act as a hovercar and as a jet. It could also take off and land vertically, hence "Full boost, vertical!" The wiki article on supermarionation is interesting, but it's not a personal memory, so you can look for it yourself, if you like. The most popular supermarionation series was Thunderbirds. I remember them. 

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