Sunday, November 11, 2012


As I mentioned in a post that I haven't written, yet, I have many journals that I've started writing and then lost track of, over the years.  Today I was clearing my desk and sorting the things in the shelves hear it.  I pulled out some notepads, bound college-lines pages, to see which ones could be collected into the available paper area and which had things written in them.

I found one that included a journal started 9/3/2003.  Less than a third of it has writing on the pages.  Two entries are general comments, nothing about me.  The third entry starts the continuation of a story.  I don't think I have that one typed into electronic format. 

There are a couple of things that I liked about that story.  That's not why I'm glad I found it, though.  I'm glad I found it because I really want to get the things that I've written collected together.  I may enter parts of it here.  

I don't have much hope that it will be a sellable story.  (Either Blogger or Safari is starting to upload this post while I write it - interrupting my typing with error messages.  I tried publishing the post and am editing it now.  We'll see if that solves the problem.)  I would consider it a success if I could make it a complete story.  The best writing in the world is no use if I can't complete something.

Talking about the story may be a category 2 topic, but I'm going to keep on, here, because here is where it came up.  The story is a fantasy story and a multiverse story, in that there are parallel worlds and people can travel between them.  It's a story with a low level magic user (female) running from an evil high level magic user (male) and his underlings (various).  

I'm trying to make it a Donkey Story and it includes magic corporations (never called that) and horrible things done to complete magic spells.  Specifically, what has to be done to create and use an Oracle is horrible.  We get used to horrible things when we come to depend on them.  We congratulate ourselves that we're strong enough to do what's necessary.  (I could tell the story of M and the turtles and rabbits.) ((But then it's not my story.))

I have trouble adding conflict to stories, as I've mentioned, and I think that the horrible Oracle magic was an attempt to add some.  I think it will succeed in doing that, not because of the one horrible thing (I've had other stories with other horrible things) but because the person who was used to make the Oracle is related to the woman who is running. 

The Oracle already has motivation to mass with the answers that the magic user(s) seek, but now it has a focus for a specific purpose for disinformation.  I haven't written any direct conflict yet, if I remember and interpret correctly, but there has been a lot of rising tension.

You keep going with your day.  I'm going to take awhile to read what I wrote nine years ago.  Sigh.  Where does the time go?

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