Thursday, November 15, 2012

Post Grandma's Pan Lids

Grandma D didn't have many toys for grandchildren to play with when we visited.  But she let us play with her pans and her pan lids.  That made the lower cupboard where they were kept a treasure trove.

You couldn't do that at home.  You couldn't make noise like that at home.  No two lids were the same size, so you never got an even pair of cymbals, but there were a lot of different sizes, so you could experiment with the sound.

Which pair was loudest?  Two big ones?  Two small ones?  Or was the wooden spoon on the pan bottom superior?

Adults who would have voted to stop the noise in their own homes, relaxed and exclaimed over the delight taken in the noise at Grandma's.  I never asked Mom if Grandma ever allowed it as a Mother.  There are still people alive who might know.  I should make a note to ask.  It would be good to know.  It would fill out the story.

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