Tuesday, November 20, 2012


There is a homophobic pink squirrel on the table. A stuffed squirrel, of course. We're not getting into weirdness or urban fantasy, here. Although I've been told that it's not homophobia, so much, he's just nervous because the stuffed fox is gay and he needs to just suck it up and be a little more comfortable with his own sexuality. . . . Perhaps suck it up was not the best way to say that, under the circumstances.

The fox is orange, and is comfortable with himself. He doesn't suffer from the burden of being pink, though, so maybe we should cut the squirrel some slack. I haven't heard the stuffed skunk's story, yet. ===

Word Wars Beginning
I've been updating A Thousand Beginnings in a pretty regular manner.  I'm proud of that and nervous at the same time.  Which is a little foolish.  There's maybe one or two people from The Straight Dope following it. 

Logging in and finding that I've had page views is exhilarating and a little nervous making.  Mostly exhilarating, though.  I've been posting excerpts from the 2005 nano novel.  By excerpts, I mean a few pages a day.  The novel is divided into sections, swapping POV between two groups, who are traveling toward each other.  So I post one section from each POV and I try to update evert day.

As I say, I read it through to the end last night. Mi was inspired by nervousness and guilt.  You see, I know that I didn't end the novel, back in 2005, and I haven't looked at it since.  But i have a week or two of fully written sections still to post.  And after that, I still explain whole sections, only slowly getting a bit stream of consciousness and then very curt.  The summaries to all the way to what would be the logical end of a novel. 

When I rediscovered the 2005 nano (titled Worldshore), I was impressed at the quality of the writing, of the dialog, particularly.  Great sections of the story is put forward by dialog.  I enjoyed reading it. 

Then, last night, I discovered that I had plotted it out completely.  Not that it won't be changed if I start writing it again, just that I'm surprised that I got that far. Pity I couldn't continue it, but (picture a shrug here).  There's a whole plot line waiting.  If I started writing again, I'd be writing with a net. Cool.

I like the characters, too.  They're fun to be with.  And it was nice that I could read it and have it be a surprise, in places.  One of the advantages of a bad memory.  (Mind like a steel sieve.  You're going to hear that a few more times.  Brace yourself.)

We're having a writing challenge at the moment.  A writing slam.  (Corrected later - Word Wars) Fifteen minutes of timed writing to see who can write the most words.  The time was up just as I wrote fifteen, above, for a total of 355 words.  I came in last.  I'm enjoying myself, though.  The blogs are accomplishing some of the things I wanted them to do. I can feel things unclenching.  It gives me more energy for other things.
End Word Wars
The stuffed animals are mascots brought by two of the other writers.  They make up stories about them as a hobby and as practice.  That's where the personal information about them came from. 
I don't have any real evidence of the stuffed animals' relative conficence and sexual orientation.  I'm willing to take their owner's word for all statements made.

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