Friday, November 16, 2012


My Dear Son has been suggesting that we get out of the house and write, so that we can catch up on our word count for NaNoWriMo.  While I appreciate this, because it is supportive of me wanting to write and because it is working, it does make writing kind of expensive, what with 'get out of the house' being a euphemism for going to a restaurant to eat and writing while and after we do that.
Dear Son is writing horror and I'm writing urban fantasy. Well, DS may be writing horror.  He doesn't read horror novels, so he's not sure if he's writing horror or if he's just writing an adventure story with zombies.
We went to Sizzler earlier and he got mostly caught up.  He's not completely happy with what he wrote.  From his complaints I don't think that means that he's not happy with the story so much as he's annoyed that it was so hard to get started and stay started and so it took more hours for that particular section.
I ran across some notes I made at a previous writing meetup, one of the ones at Empressa with everyone, and by the way, the last meetup had seven of us meeting, which may be a local record. 
The note reads: "Discussion of a book where the pov is the pets of the people in the story, one of which is jack the ripper."  I remember writing that and where my thoughts went after writing it, but I don't know if the idea, the reference to the book, came from something that somebody said or from something that I had read online earlier in the day.
However it started, I remember thinking of a possible story written from the pov of inanimate objects that are starting to accrete awareness after being in the proximity of a Mage to two. This is an expectable segue for someone who reads a lot of fantasy.
My thoughts went to to speculate that the thing coming to awareness fastest might be an altar, table, chair or whatever that one Mage tortures people to death on. It doesn't understand much, yet, and it can feel him feeding him in a way that brings it closer to life.  It feels a puppy gratitude to him. 
I don't know if it's the kind of thing that I'll ever try writing, but I think that if I do, it had better be a very short story. 


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