Thursday, November 15, 2012

Post Babies in Grandma's Sink

Grandma D loved her grandbabies and she loved to bathe them in her sink.  She made kind of a celebration out of it, and everyone felt like they were participating in a ritual of joy while it was happening.  

Not that anyone else helped with the washing.  Grandma was well up to that.  Another grandchild might be asked to hand her the towel at the end, but that was about it.

No, what you were supposed to be doing was noticing and commenting on the fun that the baby was having and reminiscing about the other babies that had been bathed in that sink.
"You don't remember, but I remember when YOU were the one in that sink.  I bet you wouldn't fit now, would you?"

I don't remember where other people bathed babies.  I'm guessing in the bath tub.  But it was understood that Grandma was the only person who bathed babies in the kitchen sink.  
Mom died last May, and I inherited her photos.  From the looks of the boxes, she had inherited Grandma's photos and Grandma had inherited her Mother-in-law's photos.  There may have been some from a great aunt or uncle, too.

I haven't been through the whole set.  That's going to be weeks and months (and maybe years) from now. But I have unearthed a few pictures of babies in Grandma's sink.

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