Sunday, November 11, 2012


Had an Asimov flashback earlier today.  I didn't write it down, though, so it's gone.  It may come back, but I wouldn't bet on it.

Dear Son and I are currently eating and writing at Panera.  They have free wifi and outlets.  We're both using ipads.  He loaned me a synced keyboard.  I'm enjoying it and only sometimes stumbling when the ipad software won't accept a keystroke and needs to be touched instead.  

Also the delete key isn't where I expect it to be and when I go to make corrections I often ========.

I'm posting directly into the blog via Safari.  The first time I tried that on a commercial wifi, it lagged hideously.  This seems better.  

Because of the lag mentioned in the last paragraph, I've been logging writing stints into G+ drive and, after having trouble getting it from there to the blog and home computer, just emailing stints to myself.
No, I don't Tweet.  My writing is choppy because that's the way that my mind and memory work, not because I've been Tweeted and Facebooked into short entries.  

I can write in a more continuous fashion, but that's not the purpose of this.  I don't remember if I explained what the purpose of this is, but if I haven't you well be operating in ignorance for awhile more as I'm not really in the mood to explain.

You know, this blog could use a table of topics.  It's going to become a snarl of interrelated bits and pieces, but the posts are numbered and hypothetical readers may be curious as to why one thing is numbered one way and another is numbered another.

Or, rather, all things are being numbered using the same system, but some things started with and some started with  I can make that list and since it's a blog, I can update it as I go along.  

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