Friday, December 7, 2012

Post PORAC and Uncle B

Uncle B, my mother's older brother, was president of PORAC, possibly twice.  when I was young, I had no trouble remember what the initials stood for. . . Until U Nicole B told me that the way to remember the initials was to think of poor old raggedy-assed cops.  After he said it, that phrase was the only thing I could remember.  It totally pushed the real title out of my head.

Let's see if I can guess at it now.  Police Officers Research Association of California.  I'll look it up online later, to check.
Going through the things that Mom had in boxes, I found a memorial resolution by the California State Assembly.  I thought it would just say that he'd been president of PORAC, but it went on a good bit.  I'll put it in here, later.  I'm not at home, now, and it's in the file cabinet.

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