Saturday, July 19, 2014

Post - First Job, Market, Penny

Does your first "real" job even exist anymore?  Someone asked that online, and my answer is below.  

Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha. My first job was working the counter at a 'neighborhood market', a sort of hybrid between a convenience store and a tiny burger joint. This was before franchised convenience stores and mini-marts. Convenience stores and burger joints seem to be doing well, so my first job exists and will probably exist for a while.

I think the thing that kept the little store in the black was the location, which was across the street from the junior high. During the rush before and after school, kids had to go to the outside window. Candy was kept behind the counter.

I don't know if this was before diet soda, or if we just didn't sell any at the fountain. I think the fountain taps were coke, root beer, cherry, and green. I think the green was lime, but it wasn't carbonated. The cherry would have been called red if it wasn't a standard thing to order a cherry coke. You can't make a cherry coke with red.

My boss called me over to act as a witness, once. He had been changing out the cash register and when he threw a handful of pennies on the counter to count, one of them had landed edge-up. I can testify. I saw him throw them and then step back, raising his hands. Then I leaned over and saw it sitting there. I can confirm: it happened.  

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